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Internship Spotlight: Adapting Social

Megan Connor (’17) says that in a lot of internships you might be expected to do boring tasks. But her internship at Adapting Social, a design and marketing firm, has been totally different.

“From day one they had me at a computer…Writing social media posts, designing websites, SEO, Google Analytics. It’s very hands-on.”

The internship has allowed Megan, who’s majoring in Marketing, to learn a lot, which she feels is what LIM is all about.

“LIM classes are also hands-on,” she says. “They want you to do internships where you’re learning and it ties together. That’s exactly what this internship is.”

Megan explains that during her internship she wanted to do something with consumer behavior and she pitched the idea to the Vice President of Adapting Social, Christopher laFelice.

“The company had a lot of social media clients and I said I can go through your list and see what their competitors are posting and do an analysis. So they were able to change the way they market to their target clients and they ended up getting a lot more clients from what I did.”

laFelice was so impressed that Megan received a job offer.

“They wanted to hire me full-time, but with school, it would be difficult,” explains Megan. They’re very respectful that I’m still in school and want school to come first and my work at Adapting Social to come second.”

On the subject of school, Megan says that a lot of her LIM classes have helped her excel at her internship.

“I’m taking a services marketing course taught by Dr. Nicole Kirpalani and it goes hand-in-hand with what I’m doing now at Adapting Social. The company has a lot of clients that are service-based and I have to know how to market their company as opposed to a company that’s selling products.”

LIM’s Department of Experiential Education & Career Management also played a role in Megan getting her internship.

“I was at the gym and I overheard someone saying he had just quit his job to work with Adapting Social, a marketing firm. Since I’m a marketing student, I interrupted them and gave my whole elevator pitch that I had learned in Industry Exploration class in freshman year.”

She was brought on at Adapting Social soon after that.

“That was in late May, and by the end of August they were talking about hiring me full-time,” Megan says.

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