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LIM Alumna Gives Back to Her Hometown Community

Lara Derasmo grew up in Palm City, Florida and received a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising from LIM College in 2013.

Recently, Lara’s father heard about a local Florida organization, Caring Children Clothing Children (4Cs), that desperately needed clothing for children. So Lara, now an Account Manager at Cutie Pie Baby Clothing, went through the entire line to pick out special items to send to 4Cs.

“I work with these baby clothes all day, every day and all I kept thinking about was how adorable the items we design are and how it would make children feel special to wear them,” she says.

Lara says she gained so much from her time at LIM, particularly through the internships she completed and the small size of the classes she was in.

A few of Lara’s colleagues are also LIM alumni and she says that they all share a similar drive and background, which, Lara feels, has allowed them to be successful when working as a team.

“I feel LIM groomed me into the professional I am today,” explains Lara. “Attending LIM has ultimately given me an advantage in a very competitive job market.”