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LIM College’s Michael Londrigan Authors Textbook on Fashion Supply Chain Management

Michael P. Londrigan, LIM College’s Vice President for Academic Affairs, is amplifying his impact on the next generation of fashion business professionals as the co-author of a new textbook, Fashion Supply Chain Management (Fairchild Books, 2018).

Londrigan, who’s developed courses in the LIM master’s degree program in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management, had a multi-decade career in the fashion industry and frequently traveled overseas to meet with suppliers.

While teaching master’s students, Londrigan sought to supplement the knowledge he could pass on from his career experiences with a definitive textbook. When he could not find such a book, Londrigan was inspired to write Fashion Supply Chain Management with co-author and former colleague Jacqueline M. Jenkins.

According to Londrigan, the natural challenge of writing about the fashion industry is that one can typically capture only a snapshot in time before practices change again. However, this textbook focuses on some constants in the field. It also includes interviews with professionals currently working in fashion supply chain management.

Londrigan says that LIM College provided the perfect environment for him to test ideas with students and colleagues. He notes, “The book was a labor of love because it was an opportunity to fulfill a need in the industry—and I could do that using my career experiences as well as my experience at LIM.”