LIM College to Offer a Bachelor of Science Degree in Fashion Media

Starting in Fall 2017, LIM College will offer a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree program in Fashion Media. This new program will focus on all aspects of fashion media, including the development of content across traditional, social media, and video platforms, as well as media business management and marketing. 

The B.S. in Fashion Media is a unique interdisciplinary program that integrates study in the business of fashion and consumer behavior with the development of creative skills. Built upon a foundation in the humanities and social sciences, the curriculum will combine elements of the fashion industry, core business competencies, and hands-on experience in multi-media content production.

Fashion Media majors will also gain practical experience through work on The Lexington Line, LIM College's student magazine which focuses on fashion, beauty, culture, and college life. Named for the subway line that many students take from LIM’s residence hall to its academic buildings, The Lexington Line will give students opportunities to develop writing and reporting skills, publish original writing and photography, interview fashion professionals, critique runway shows, review products, style fashion spreads, and learn about marketing and distribution. In addition to the online version, a print edition of The Lexington Line is produced twice a year.

With courses in reporting for both long- and short-form media, fashion styling, graphic design, intellectual property law, video and photography, brand building, global cultures and media, discovering and sharing trends, and influencing ever-savvier and digitally-connected consumers, graduates will be prepared to pursue a range of career paths, including those on the business and creative sides of marketing within the fashion and related industries, as well as in fashion publishing.

For information about applying to LIM College’s new Fashion Media program contact admissions@limcollege.edu