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LIM Professor Co-Authors Articles with Graduate Students

Over the last few years, Dr. Herbert Sherman, an adjunct faculty member in LIM College’s Master of Professional Studies (MPS) program in Fashion Marketing, has collaborated with LIM graduate students — now alumni — on several articles (see list below) that have been published in academic journals.

  • Mara Drivas and Herbert Sherman: “Cooking up a Plate of Trouble at Plato’s Diner” Journal of Business and Technology, 2015
  • Maedla Glasser and Herbert Sherman: “”Stocking Out” of the Kate Spade Saturday Collection” International Journal of Business Management and Commerce, May 2017
  • Byul Han and Herbert Sherman: “Sayonnara’ Mr. Saito – Goodbye Business” International Journal of Business & Economic Policy, August 2017
  • Amanda DiResta and Herbert Sherman: “The ‘Mad’ Hatter: Catalya Hats” Journal of Business and Economic Policy, September 2017
  • Anirudh Udayashankar and Herbert Sherman: “Visual Merchandising at Louis Philippe, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle in 2014: A Case Study” Journal of Business and Technology, November 2017
  • Anirudh Udayashankar and Herbert Sherman: “Fashionably Growing the Louis Phillipe Legacy: Can Visual Merchandising Keep Up the Pace?” (to be published in the Journal of Leadership and Management)