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LIM Professor Publishes Third Novel

The rolling hills of Florence and luscious Italian food are ingredients in LIM College Professor Andrew Cotto’s new novel, Cucina Tipica – An Italian Adventure. Cotto believes the timing is ripe for this publication, as Americans are enamored by Italian culture and have developed a heightened consciousness of food over the past decade. He also thinks a respite from the current political and cultural environment would be welcome.

The story paints the realities of the contemporary US, with an American protagonist facing myriad financial and emotional troubles in New York, which inspire his escape to Italy on holiday and his subsequent desire to never leave. Against the backdrop of Italian food and travel, this fictitious novel touches on several themes such as identity, place, and the quest for meaning and fulfillment in life. The book is also intended to celebrate the sensory pleasures of cuisine and their effects on well-being.

“The subject matter of food was so near and dear to me that the writing process was fluent,” Cotto said. In fact, the novel’s setting takes inspiration from Cotto’s own year-long sojourn in Florence, Italy, where he wrote his debut novel (see The book reinforces his philosophy that food can be a powerful force for connecting people and a great source of regular happiness.

Cucina Tipica – An Italian Adventure will be released to the general public on October 25. The same day, Cotto will lead an event at LIM College (12 East 53rd St.) from 5 to 7 p.m. The book release party, open to the public, will be on October 20 from 6 to 10 p.m. at Littlefield Performance + Art Space in Brooklyn – accompanied, of course, by ample food and drinks.