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LIM Seniors Featured on Refinery29’s Snapchat Discover

Refinery29 will feature LIM seniors Samantha Svorinich, Katherine Petherbridge, and Andres Paternina-Peña on their Snapchat Discover platform on May 22. In a Snapchat story themed around graduation, Samantha, Katherine, and Andres will talk about their four years at LIM College and what it means to graduate.

The three students were asked questions such as “What do you regret not doing before you graduated?” and “What do you wish you would have known going into college?” as well as, “What are you excited about after graduation?” They also brought photos and items from their college years to the video shoot.

Refinery29’s Snapchat Discover media platform is more robust than the standard Snapchat, with longer videos and crazy, colorful graphics. Currently, there are only 15 select channels on Snapchat Discover.

As with all Snapchat stories, this one will only be visible for 24 hours. So go to Refinery29 on Snapchat on Sunday, May 22 to see soon-to-be LIM graduates Samantha, Katherine and Andres.