LIM Student Speaks at the United Nations

Last month, Madison Ross (‘19), spoke at a panel discussion at the United Nations about fashion and sustainability. The panel, specifically for young people working for non-governmental Organizations (NGOs), was titled Youth: A Strategy for Empowerment. 

Currently interning with an NGO and media platform called Style & Resilience, Madison regularly attends briefings at the U.N. that promote the Sustainable Development Goals and awareness of social issues for young people.

The International Business major spoke about Mercado Global, an NGO fashion retailer headquartered in Guatemala that helps indigenous women in the country become social agents of change in their communities.

According to Madison, “The fashion industry, with its power and influence, has so much potential to create social change and increase sustainable development.”

When asked if she was nervous about speaking at the U.N., Madison says that the mentor training program at LIM helped her prepare.

“When I became a mentor, it gave me a lot of responsibility, including speaking to students about academics, city life, social life, etc. One piece of info that I took to heart was that when I am speaking to others, even to crowds, it’s not about me. Instead, it’s about the information that needs to be said. That's what really put me at ease.”

Madison, who is also an LIM Fashion Scholar, founder and public relations director for the College’s Philanthropy Club, secretary of the Global Students Club, and web director for The Lexington Line notes that at LIM she is considered the “corporate social responsibility/philanthropy girl,” but at the U.N. she is seen as the “fashion girl.”

“A career that harmoniously mixes both fashion and business with international affairs and social responsibility is really what I’m hoping for,” explains Madison. “Both worlds are still figuring out how the other can best fit with their practices, so, I'm still figuring that out as well.”

Watch Madison at the U.N.