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LIM Student Turns Extracurricular Activity into an Internship

Barry Zusman, Arthur Zaczkiewicz, & Maranda Janky

When Maranda Janky (’18) visited Professor Barry Zusman’s Public Relations class in November 2016 to hear guest speaker Arthur Zaczkiewicz, an executive editor at WWD, speak about how retail is changing, she never imagined she would end up interning — for the “fashion bible.”

Maranda had taken Professor Zusman’s class the previous year and he was impressed when she brought him a copy of The Lexington Line, of which she is co-founder and editor-in-chief.

“Professor Zusman has always been great about keeping me in the loop and inviting me to come to his class to hear guest speakers. He’s really been proactive in helping me,” says Maranda.

The day that Zaczkiewicz spoke at LIM, Professor Zusman invited Maranda and Lexington Line faculty advisor John Deming to join them for lunch. At lunch, Maranda showed Zaczkiewicz The Lexington Line. She obviously made an impression, because the WWD editor offered Maranda a paid internship to help out with writing about the annual Magic trade show, which attracts fashion industry professionals from around the world.

Originally, Maranda moved to New York City with plans to get involved on the marketing side of media. She never thought she would write, but Professor Deming recognized her talent and encouraged her to do more work for The Lexington Line.

Ironically, when Maranda was getting ready to leave her native Chicago, she had a gallon plastic tub full of WWD newspapers and magazines.

“I used those to wrap up fragile items, packed up my apartment into a U-Haul, and drove to New York City. I never dreamed I would be writing for WWD.”

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