Martrecia Alleyne, MPS Class of 2015

What’s happening in your career right now?

I’m the Visual Merchandising Coordinator at the Ashley Furniture Homestore in Trinidad. I’m responsible for maintaining the appearance of the store. I determine the store layout and furniture placement, wall décor, accessories and lighting. The main goal of my job is to ensure all the merchandise is displayed in an appealing manner, while maximizing the merchandise displayed per square foot.

Have you had mentors at LIM or in the industry? If yes, how have they helped you?

My career advisor while I was at LIM College told me that, “as an employee, your job is to make your boss and your boss’s boss look good.” I apply this in my career and have been fortunate to have great working relationships with all my supervisors. The General Manager at the boutique where I completed my Retail Management internship also gave me great advice on how to pull on the strengths and balance out the weaknesses of the employees on your team. Now, I always try to think in terms of the strengths of my team members when we have to complete a task.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

I’m very proud to have been a part of the team that set up the Ashley Homestore in Trinidad. It takes a tremendous amount of planning and hard work to set up a store and move it from the phase where it is just a construction site to becoming a fully stocked and decorated, 20,000 sq. ft.  retail location. 

I’m also very proud of the Newly Wed Décor article I wrote for Trinidad Weddings Magazine (TW Wed-zine) which featured a photo I took of a romantic set design I did at the Homestore to promote the in-store bridal registry. I was very happy to merge my writing, photography and design talents.