LIM College will be closed Wed. Nov. 25 - Fri. Nov. 27 for the Thanksgiving holiday.

General Notice

LIM College will shift to Hybrid Virtual instruction as of Nov. 23 for the remainder of the Fall semester. For COVID-19 and Campus Operating Update(s), click here.

A Message of Solidarity

The following message was sent to LIM College students, faculty, and staff on June 2, 2020:

Dear LIM College Community,

As many of us are still reeling from the effects of the global pandemic, we are in the habit of saying “stay safe” or “be well.” However, the words “safe” and “well” do not mean the same thing for everyone.  We are also reeling from a racial pandemic. Many in our College community never feel completely safe – not at school, in a car, on the train, in a park, or even in their own home. Although I could not possibly fully understand what the Black community and people of color experience on a daily basis, I am committed to learning and doing more. We as a nation can no longer sit by silently and allow history to continue repeating itself.

The senseless and heinous deaths of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor impacts our community on a personal level and have been a catalyst to the recent social justice protests that we have seen globally. All too often, white privilege is used as a weapon, as in the case of Amy Cooper in Central Park and this cannot be tolerated.  LIM College has always affirmed and supported the right of everyone in our community to peacefully protest and speak out for change.

To everyone that is hurting, we see you, acknowledge you, and stand with you. Racism, bigotry, xenophobia and bias, whether blatant or implicit, is contrary to who we are. Period. As a higher education institution, it is our responsibility to proactively counter ignorance and promote equity.

On Thursday, June 4, LIM’s students, faculty and staff will come together to share their individual perspectives. This forum is not meant to be a solution. There are no easy fixes. However, it is meant to open a dialogue and allow us to start having hard conversations, be vulnerable, and learn from each other.  I want to make clear, both personally and on behalf of LIM College, that we will do all we can to address this scourge of racism.

In solidarity,
Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President