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Model Elliott Sailors Gives Keynote Address at Student Leadership Conference

Elliott Sailors, an entrepreneur, actor, activist and model, was the keynote speaker at LIM College’s Student Leadership Conference on November 10. Her presentation focused on leadership and encouraging people to be true to themselves.

In her pursuit to create a world where all people feel accepted and safe, Sailors said her “commitment lies within empowering people to create and build powerful communities and partnerships.”

She cited James MacGregor Burns’s views on transformational leadership and noted how outstanding leaders can convert a group of people into their better selves.

After 16 years of working as a model in the fashion industry, Sailors encouraged LIM students to “begin developing relationships now” and to “maintain relationships with each other.”

As graduating students make their way into careers in the business of fashion, Sailors advised them to “be willing to put in the work and not look for a fast or easy way (to the top).”

She also pointed out how intonation and body language can greatly affect how people perceive you, whether you’re interviewing for a job or speaking at an event.

“People listen differently when you have the authority of knowing who you are,” said Sailors.