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Model Lizzie Miller Visits LIM to Discuss Body Positivity in the Fashion Industry

Lizzie Miller, a plus-size model turned public speaker, started a revolution eight years ago when her photo was published in Glamour magazine. What started the revolution? That photo included a small roll of belly fat resting on her lap.

Miller has since become an advocate for body positivity, and she visited LIM College on September 13 to speak with students about the subject. Her presentation focused on fashion, body image and the media.

She noted how in one short year, body positivity has taken great strides and blossomed into a movement within the fashion industry, saying, “Last year the only curvy woman on the cover of a magazine was Ashley Graham. This year I can’t even keep track of all of them. I’m excited, even for next year, how much it’s going to change.”

While featuring plus-size models has become more common, there is still a long way to go. In particular, Miller pointed out the need to change sizing in retail. She challenged the students, as future fashion business executives, to start thinking of new ways to size clothing.

“Numbers have the power to affect your self-esteem. So it still doesn’t really translate and then you feel bad. There needs to be a new way.”

Miller also advised students to “fake it ‘til you make it,” so they can up their confidence as they begin to work in the fashion industry.  

“Confidence is key and no one knows you’re faking it except you. One of my great friends told me that if an opportunity comes up, always say yes, even if you don’t think you’re ready, and then figure out how to do it. Make yourself get to that point of being ready.”