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Olivia Phenix, a junior majoring in Fashion Merchandising, has been selected as one of five student ambassadors for Cotton University™, one of fashion’s biggest textile resources for industry professionals, students, and faculty. Cotton University is part of Cotton Incorporated, a research and marketing company for those making cotton products.  

LIM College has a long history of partnering with Cotton Incorporated, including the recent “Cotton Carries New York” project, in which students in CAD (Computer-Aided Design) classes were challenged to design a re-usable cotton tote bag.

To become a student ambassador, Olivia was recommended by Hilda Alfonso, a professor in LIM College’s Fashion Merchandising Department. After a phone interview, in which she presented her ideas to promote Cotton University, Olivia was notified of her selection.

In September, Olivia was flown to Cotton Incorporated’s North Carolina headquarters, where she met the other student ambassadors and they shared ideas on how to promote Cotton University. The ambassadors also toured the headquarters and were able to see the factory side of Cotton Incorporated, including cotton from the plant being processed into thread, as well as the dyeing and finishing labs.

One of the reasons Olivia was chosen was because of the ideas she came up with to promote Cotton University and educate students and faculty members about its benefits. So far, this promotion has included posting photos from her visit to Cotton Incorporated’s headquarters on LIM College’s Instagram account, being interviewed for The Lexington Line, presenting at a Fashion Merchandising Department faculty meeting, and participating in LIM’s Family & Friends Weekend. She was also a presenter at LIM’s 2015 Student Leadership Conference, and will host a pizza party at the residence hall.

Professor Alfonso says, “We are honored to have Cotton University select Olivia as a student ambassador. She is gaining great experience though creating and planning recruitment and educational events, as well as managing a $10,000 marketing budget.” 

According to Olivia, being a student ambassador has opened a multitude of doors for her. “Employers look for involvement outside of the classroom, as well as determination and commitment to activities such as those Cotton University has given to me. Helping my peers and college will greatly aid my future career.”