Online Alumni Spotlight: Charnell Heaven (MPS ’18)

After earning her Master of Professional Studies degree online in Fashion Marketing, Charnell has put her LIM coursework and internship experience to good use, having held social media management positions at companies like Vivial Media and Computer Generated Solutions (CGS).

What led you to pursue your master’s degree online with LIM?
For my undergraduate degree, I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Management, a long-held dream of mine; but I was always interested in fashion. As an Assistant Store Manager at Kohl’s in New Jersey, I worked a lot with corporate partners and saw the critical role marketing plays in retail. This led me to pivot from store management to marketing.

I chose LIM’s online master’s program in Fashion Marketing after doing some research and speaking with people who attended LIM. I found LIM was well-established, well-respected, and highly recommended.

What was your online learning experience like?
All of my professors worked in the industry. So I learned how to directly correlate the principles and concepts they taught me to the work I am doing now, as well as how they can apply to my future endeavors.

What role did internships play in your master’s degree program?
I was able to find and secure a social media marketing internship at Teat & Cosset, a maternity brand, so I could gain more experience. Ultimately, I knew that completing this internship would be essential for me and my end goal.

Has your LIM education helped you in your job?
I apply the things I learned in my New Media class, where we focused mostly on social media and digital marketing. My social media marketing internship also gave me a lot of tools that allowed me to land my current job.

How did you balance school, full-time work, and an internship?
I am a planner by nature, but I learned quickly I had to be really diligent and disciplined to balance everything. I bought a planner and would plan out my social media posts for my internship as well as my discussion board posts for class. For social engagements with friends, I would plan everything in advance. When I first started, I was overwhelmed, but my advisors helped a lot.

What advice do you have for other students?
You should really sit down and think about what part of the industry you want to work in, what you want to use your degree for, and how being an online student would work with your daily life. Be strategic and plan in advance how you think everything will play out because ultimately you are doing this to make yourself happy.