Stephanie GarciaStephanie's love of fashion led her to start a styling business and motivated her to get a degree that would support her career goals. Living in Southern California, this mother of two found LIM's online Fashion Merchandising & Management associate degree program to be a great fit for her busy life.

What led you to enroll in LIM’s online associate degree program?
I’m on the other side of the country and really wanted to attend LIM, so their online program was perfect for me and my schedule. I love fashion, creativity, and planning. As a mother of two and an owner of multiple businesses, it fit well into my life.

What do you like best about LIM’s online program?
I like the convenience of it being online and available to me at any time and in any place. I do a lot of my work while my children nap during the day and after they go to bed. Attending a traditional college where I’d have to be on campus would cause me to lose precious time with my family, between commuting and being in class for hours. The professors and online advisors are also quick to respond to questions and I enjoy getting to know my classmates by engaging on discussion boards. And since I'm home, that makes it easy to get tutoring help from my husband any time.

What are your ultimate career goals? And how is LIM helping you work toward them?
LIM is preparing me for the fashion field by condensing months of learning into six-to-eight-week modules. When I graduate, I would love to design store windows and floors or be a planner for a brand or product line. I’d eventually like to become a creative director.

What advice would you give to someone who’s thinking about applying to an online program at LIM?
Look at your personal schedule before deciding on your class load, and take your time learning. Having a weekly calendar breaking down what is due when is imperative to managing your everyday life and online schooling. It takes focus and willpower to stay on track and hold yourself accountable with online courses, so don’t jump in thinking it will be easy!

Anything else you'd like to add?
LIM has set me on a path that I am excited about and has enabled me to better not only my own future, but also my family’s. It is opening creative outlets to use my talents and I cannot wait to see where my career takes me after I graduate.