Online Student Spotlight: Tess Boutros

After her family relocated to Ohio in 2014, Tess — a native New Yorker — decided to complete her associate degree with LIM College online. This fall, Tess will continue her education as one of the first students in LIM’s online bachelor’s degree program.

Why did you pursue your associate degree online instead of on campus?
I love New York and I am a Long Island native. But my parents and sisters are here in Cleveland. Rather than move back to New York, I decided to get my degree online.

Where are you working now? 
Right now I’m the social media coordinator for a bridal boutique in the Cleveland suburbs.

Why have you chosen LIM’s online bachelor’s degree program as the next step in your education?
My plan was always to get a bachelor’s degree. When I learned there was an online option with LIM, I was over the moon. Being able to stick with a school I love and move to a program that allows me to complete a BBA is amazing.

What did you like most about LIM’s online associate degree program?
LIM’s online degree option is great because it lets you go at your own pace. The lectures have a pause feature — if you don’t understand something, you can stop and figure it out. The courses are also incredibly interesting and I really enjoy my professors.

What are your career goals? 
I’m actually exploring private banking. That’s not what most people would expect from someone studying fashion, but it truly is a testament to LIM’s slogan: “Where Business Meets Fashion.” The business background I’m learning at LIM will serve me in any field.

What advice would you give to someone considering applying to an online program at LIM College?
Contact the Online Admissions office and ask any questions you have. They are so helpful! When I was applying, I was on the phone with the Admissions counselor a couple of times a week asking questions and making sure everything was in order. Once I was accepted, my Online Advisor always answered my calls and emails. Everyone at LIM is there to help!