Problem Solved: Finding an Internship in NYC

In the summer of 2016, Jessie Karagosian, a sophomore majoring in Fashion Merchandising with a concentration in Digital Business Strategy, had a bit of a dilemma. She was worried about finding an internship for the fall, because she was back home in Syracuse looking for an internship that would take place in New York City.

Jessie wanted to intern at a showroom or in wholesale and had applied for three positions. She ended up arranging in-person interviews with the two companies that didn't mind waiting for her to return to NYC and she did a phone interview with the third.

Jessie ended up being accepted to all three internships. But now she had another dilemma. Which one to choose?

“When I heard back from all three companies I felt great, but I also felt pangs of guilt,” says Jessie. “I felt a little bad having to say to two of them that I went in another direction, but I also knew that I must be doing something right!”

She ended up choosing an internship at Pamela Love Jewelry in wholesale and logistics. There she assisted in wholesale and e-commerce.

“I was in charge of keeping track of inventory, packaging orders, and a lot more. The most exciting part was helping with our yearly sample sale. Helping prep was a lot of work, and so was the post-sale work that came with it, but it was a learning experience.”

After she completed her internship, Jessie’s supervisor reached out to her saying that the company needed an e-commerce assistant and would love for her to take the position. Jessie rearranged her schedule to make the job fit and now works at Pamela Love Jewelry two days a week.

Says Jessie, “The fact that I'm working for a great company in the area of the industry I hope to be in post-grad is really exciting! I can't believe it.”