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Shoe Designer Sarah Flint Visits LIM College

Sarah Flint, an entrepreneur and luxury shoe designer, visited LIM College on November 1 to speak with students in the Industry Exploration Seminar course about her career. She also gave advice on interviewing for a job and how to be an efficient employee.

At the age of 14, Flint interned with DVF. After graduating from college, she completed an apprenticeship in Italy, where she studied patternmaking and the technical aspects of handmade shoe manufacturing.

Flint’s eponymous brand of luxury shoes is currently sold at high-end department stores, including Barneys and Bloomingdale’s, but she believes that, “The future of the industry is going direct-to-consumer. Selling online, through your own pop-up shops and boutiques, you can really understand your customer.”

Flint advised students to never be afraid to ask questions. In her own career, she strives to “be more fearless” and ask questions that can benefit her brand, such as if her shoes can be relocated to the front of the shoe department so they will be more visible to customers.

While Flint serves as the Creative Director of her brand, she notes, “Every designer needs a business partner. They may be resistant to it at first, but it’s really important to have both perspectives. I think it’s why some (designers) succeed and some (designers) don’t.”

(Photo Caption (from left to right): Claire Andrews, Shannon Andrews, Cesar Ramos, Sarah Flint, Mackenzie Allen, Leah Fletcher, Fallon Carey)