Student Spotlight: Ariana Ozbay (’21)

Hometown: Marlboro, NJ
Career Goal: Stylist, Business Owner

What made you choose LIM College?
I chose LIM because it’s located in New York City, where there’s the most opportunity for people interested in fashion.

What’s it like being a college student in NYC?
I love it. Going to school here is unlike any other college experience. I feel like an adult, only at 19. You have endless opportunities. You really get to immerse yourself in the culture and fashion especially.

What was Orientation like?
Our Orientation took place at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), which was exciting. I already knew my roommate, so she and I walked in and met a bunch of girls who are now my closest friends. Lots of alumni and faculty were there. It was interesting to see what I was about to start!

What classes have you taken?
Last semester, I took Visual Merchandising, Management (my major), and Business Spreadsheets—I’ve found myself using all of these in my job and my internship. My Management professor owns her own business, and she brought her experience into the class.

How did you get your first internship?
My LIM Career Coach was adamant about going to the Career Fair, so I went and saw the guest speaker panels. I had work experience at a dress store, so when I saw people from Christian Siriano at the Fair, I gave them my resume and talked about what I'm looking to do, and I ended up getting an internship.

What type of work did you do there?
Every day was something different. One day I would help the designer set up the showroom; another day we would dress models for events. I saw a little bit of sales, a little bit of marketing. I'm really happy with the experience I gained.

How would you describe LIM’s reputation in the fashion industry?
If you're in fashion, you know LIM. Even in my internship, the head of Marketing and PR graduated from LIM. Graduating from LIM means you meet a high standard.

You're also part of the LIM Dance Team. Can you tell us what that’s like?
I’ve danced since I was young. Going into college, I wasn't sure I was going to continue. I was super happy to learn LIM had a dance team! My teammates all danced in high school and wanted to continue. The cool part is some of our senior team members choreograph for us. It's personal, we all collaborate and we perform at the student-run Fashion Show and other LIM events.