Student Spotlight: Maeve Duke (’20)

Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland
Career Goal: Magazine Art Director

What made you choose LIM College?
I decided to come to LIM because I learn better by doing. LIM just checked every box. Being in New York City was a big part of it, because I couldn't see myself going to your basic big college campus. And what’s better than having New York as your campus?

Tell us about the Fashion Media major. What kinds of classes do you take?
A lot of people think Fashion Media is all about journalism and writing. While that’s definitely part of it, I focus on the design aspect. I'm interested in layouts, what goes into making a magazine, such as fonts, colors, and pictures. I take classes that help me with that, like Creative Computing—which teaches Adobe In-Design, Photoshop, Illustrator—and Display Graphics.

How has LIM helped shape your career goals?
Before coming to LIM, I thought I wanted to be a merchandiser or buyer. My experiences taught me that's not the career I want, but LIM did direct me toward the field I want to go into: art direction and digital design. Right now, my dream career would be Art Director for a magazine, but I'm also learning a lot about branding in general.

Can you tell us about your work on The Lexington Line, LIM’s student-run magazine?
I'm the Creative Director of The Lexington Line this year. I work with the Editor-in-Chief to figure out what we want each issue to look like and delegate to other designers how the pages should convey that.

You’re also a Career Peer in LIM’s career services office. Can you tell us about that?
I became a Career Peer through LIM’s Student Mentor program. I'm essentially a student Career Coach. I help students with their resumes, interviewing, finding internships. It's a great opportunity—we're in the same boat, so let’s help each other out! The other Career Peers I work with are really fun—I’ve made life-long friends with them, for sure.

How have you benefited from LIM’s focus on career development and internships?
I don't think I would have come to LIM if they didn't require internships, because it's a great way to learn outside class. I worked at COS for my retail internship—for my corporate internship, I have a lot of options for digital design opportunities. As much as I get nervous networking, I tell myself it's about meeting new people and learning what they do. Learning how to maneuver through the professional world is important.

What else would you tell someone who’s thinking about coming to LIM?
New York is a great environment to be a college student because everyone's so motivated and it's so creative. You aren't surrounded just by college students—you're surrounded by a whole island of people. It's very eclectic and fun.