Student Spotlight: Mateo Mislov (’20)

LIM College junior Mateo Mislov hails from a multicultural family: his mother is Cuban, his father Italian, his stepfather Puerto Rican, and Mateo himself is of Guatemalan descent. Mateo sees himself as a “melting pot” of all these cultures.

Born in Guatemala, Mateo was in foster care until he was adopted and brought to live in New Jersey. Years later, he developed a desire to learn more about his birth family and country.

During Mateo’s freshman year at LIM, he had a fateful experience. “I was shocked when I saw an email for a study abroad program in Guatemala and I could attend as a second semester freshman. I felt so lucky.”

Designed in conjunction with Mercado Global, students in LIM’s winter break Study Abroad program in Guatemala travel to villages around Panajachel and Lake Atitlán, west of Guatemala City, and see firsthand how the villagers live, their customs and traditions, and learn about textiles, weaving, and see the finished product.

Mateo attended the weeklong program, where he not only made friends, but also learned about his native culture and put himself on a path to learning more about his biological family.

For now, Mateo is continuing to pursue his passion for music and concert merchandise, taking important steps toward achieving his ultimate dream of working with artists or record labels. He’s currently learning more about concert merchandising through an internship at Madison Square Garden.

Speaking about how his time in Guatemala changed him, Mateo says, “After seeing how people live there, the dangers and poverty, I don’t take life for granted. The opportunities in this country make me more motivated and inspired to achieve the American dream.”