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Student Spotlight: Ryan McDevitt (’21)

Hometown: Media, Pennsylvania
Career Goal: Creative Director

What’s unique about the LIM College experience?
LIM does a lot to prepare students for their careers after college. You’re required to do at least three internships, which might sound intimidating, but the school is with you every step of the way. LIM has an entire department there to make sure you succeed in your internships and career development.

What’s the Fashion Media major like?
Fashion Media is a good balance between the business side and creative side. So, I take classes like Intro to Fashion Business, but also Fashion Photography. It's very publication-focused, and that’s great because I want to work in publications.

Can you also talk about your work on The Lexington Line, LIM’s student-run magazine?
The Lexington Line is extremely well produced—it's not really a "college" magazine, at least it doesn't feel like one. I'm the Cultural Editor of the magazine. We work on each issue for an entire semester, and it comes out great. 

Tell us about being a student mentor.
I teach First Year Experience classes for freshmen, guiding them through their first semester and telling them what to expect. I'm also a Career Peer, which is basically a student career advisor. We go over students’ resumes and share interview tips.

What jobs or internships have you had as a student here?
I’ve had several jobs here that I’ve learned a lot from. My retail internship was at COS on 5th Ave. I also ran social media for a small styling company.

I was part of the The Daily Front Row magazine’s student issue, which is an annual collaboration between The Daily and LIM. Students get to publish a Fashion Week edition of the magazine—it’s entirely us, and this led to me getting an internship as an editorial assistant with the magazine.

Finally, I was scouted for a modeling job completely at random. I was walking down Madison Ave, and this woman comes up to me and asks if I model! It turns out she’s a modeling scout for the French brand CELINE, so I went through that whole process. It’s kind of amazing what being in New York can get you.

What’s it like being a male student at LIM?
It’s not difficult or weird at all—I don’t even think about it. I actually went to an all-boys prep school in Philadelphia, and going to school here at LIM is not that different for me! I have friends, I go to class, I participate in activities. I think it's great.