Hometown: Douglas, Massachusetts
Career Goal: Creative Director

Where did your college experience begin?
Before I transferred to LIM, I was at Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU). I always wanted to go into the fashion business, and SNHU offered fashion merchandising. I also wanted to be in New York City, but I didn’t know how to “get there” for college at the time.

What brought you to LIM?
As a freshman at SNHU, I began researching new schools online. As soon as I typed in "fashion industry" and "business," LIM was the first school to pop up. I realized every class here was going to have a balance of fashion and business with a mix of hands-on and traditional learning.

What was the process of transferring to LIM like?
The process was quick. I was transferring in between semesters, so I made a call to LIM’s Transfer Admissions Office and they told me about Transfer Services Day. I was able to come to the College and learn everything that they offered, from courses to study abroad to the internships they require. As soon as I knew I was interested, I went right to the Admissions Office, met with a counselor, and was accepted on the spot.

What was it like when you actually came to New York and started taking classes?
Before you even approach the buildings of LIM, you're already in the atmosphere of New York. You feel that fast pace and unlimited opportunity when you walk into any of the buildings. At Orientation, people were approachable and informative, which was great. As a transfer student, I had a lot of questions.

Tell us about your internship at Kleinfeld Bridal.
In New York, internship opportunities are limitless. Kleinfeld was attractive to me because it's a name on a resume that many people would recognize. I assisted bridal consultants and the managerial team. I also observed the behind-the-scenes of Say Yes to the Dress. I learned what brides’ appointments are like when they come to Kleinfeld, how they select a dress, finance it, and get it fit uniquely to them. The internship offered hands-on work, and it was great to learn how a top business in the fashion industry actually runs.

What can you say about the professors you’ve had here?
LIM professors are different than any I've had in the past. Every professor has something unique to offer because they all have unique industry experience. That’s given me inspiration, and also knowledge outside of what I'm learning from textbooks.

What would you say to other students who are considering transferring to LIM?
New York will have its own unique impact on you. My experience has molded me to believe anything is possible. There’s so much opportunity here, and no matter what you find yourself doing—whether it's a permanent career path or temporary—it's valuable and you can learn from it. I'm truly getting a unique education here that I wouldn't get anywhere else.