Hometown: University Place, Washington
Career Goal: Director of Visual Merchandising

What led you to transfer to LIM College?
I was going to school at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. One of my FIDM teachers had previously worked at Macy's doing the window displays, and he also used to teach at LIM. He had nothing but great things to say about LIM, so I realized it was going to be a fit for me.

What was the transfer process like?
I knew I wanted to end up in New York—that was always the goal. When a representative from LIM visited FIDM, I sat down with her and went over LIM’s curriculum. She told me about LIM’s next Transfer Services Day, which was happening in October when I already happened to be coming to New York! At Transfer Services Day, I learned about LIM and met alumni and students who gave really awesome talks. I brought all my necessary paperwork, and I learned that day that I was accepted.

What kind of classes are you taking here at LIM?
LIM does a very good job of putting business classes together with your major. At my old college, I took a lot of hands-on classes building and creating different things. At LIM, I'm taking a lot more business classes and getting to see that side of the industry. I'm not just taking basic Accounting—I’m learning what I’ll need to know about accounting in the fashion industry specifically.

What can you say about the professors you’ve had here?
A majority of LIM teachers have come right from the fashion industry or they’re still working in the industry. They'll tell you what you need to know and what to expect after graduation. Right off the bat, I had a retailing teacher who worked for L Brands. Every chance I got, I was discussing projects with him because I saw the benefit of his knowledge.

One of your classes also led to an internship. Can you tell us about that?
During one of my first seminar classes at LIM, the CEO of Affiner, a personal styling company, came to speak to us. She's not even 30 yet and she has a styling start-up—she's the kind of "boss woman" I want to be some day. I grabbed one of her business cards and emailed her to thank her for coming to our class and to tell her I was interested in learning more about her company. She asked if I wanted to come by her office, and that turned into an interview for an internship!

What’s it like living in New York City?
There’s that classic hustle and bustle in New York, but it's for a reason. You won't even know what I'm talking about until you get here. In New York, there’s a pulse and everyone is doing their own thing. It’s not like LA, where everyone's trying to be a Kardashian—in New York, we don't have time for that. That energy is what I thrived off when I got here.