Transfer Student Spotlight: Tiffany Cradduck (’20)

Hometown: Little Genesee, New York
Major: Fashion Merchandising

How was your experience transferring to LIM College?
I transferred to LIM from Herkimer County Community College and I had a lot of help throughout that process. LIM accepted my credits, which was definitely something I looked for when transferring. Finishing college quickly and not wasting credits is really important to me.

What is the transfer student community like at LIM?
The transfer community here is very strong. Both my roommates are transfer students—actually, most students I've met have been transfer students. We've transferred from different schools, but it's fun knowing everybody is in a similar boat as you and that you have that support system.

What do you like about your classes?
The class sizes are small, which is great because you get to know your professors one-on-one. You talk to them about what your goals are. And if they have an opportunity in mind—maybe with somebody they've worked with in the past—they can always recommend you or introduce you!

Is your LIM coursework helping you work toward your goals?
My career goals are to work in a creative field or in fashion management. At LIM, I'm taking a class where I’m learning all about different management styles. I’m also doing a lot of hands-on projects in my Visual Merchandising class. For example, we put together shadow boxes, which are miniature displays that showcase a brand's concept and overall feel—just on a small scale. One brand I chose was Bath & Body Works—they're crisp and clean with their visual displays, but they really let the product shine.

What can you say about LIM’s focus on internships and learning-by-doing?
What’s so important about interning is you get to learn what jobs you like and what jobs you don't before you graduate. LIM’s career services office has helped me with my resume and cover letters to make sure they're professional. My interviews for internships have gone well! In the fall, I'm starting an online internship with The Borgen Project.

What would you say to students who are considering transferring to LIM?
Going from living in a small town to living in New York City is a big adjustment, but you get used to it quickly. It's nice to know there are so many opportunities here, and that's the thing that drives people to live here.