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LIM College has shifted to Hybrid Virtual instruction for the remainder of the Fall 2020 semester. For COVID-19 and Campus Operating Update(s), click here.

The Upcoming Presidential Election

LIM is NY Strong

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff, 

As we continue to confront the challenges of a global pandemic, we are also experiencing a highly contentious presidential election season within a divisive and extraordinarily polarized national culture. This has been a difficult period for many, with high levels of stress brought on by intense political convictions, pressing social justice issues, and deep-seated concerns about the direction of our nation.

Most important, it is essential that each of us exercises our right to vote. If you have already cast your ballot, congratulations! If you haven't yet done so, please be sure to make a voting plan. 

In the aftermath of the election, regardless of whether the outcome is the one you hoped for, it is critical that we all continue to embrace our values and responsibilities as a College community. Those responsibilities include remaining committed to open and respectful dialogue and intellectual growth – and those values include diversity, equity, and inclusion.  

We are at our best when we come together to engage respectfully, regardless of our differences, and to support those who feel marginalized. Therefore, if the election result is the one you wanted, please realize that may not be true for others in the LIM community, so be mindful of that in your interactions. 

There is also the distinct possibility that the outcome of the election may not be known until days or weeks after Nov. 3. If that is the case, tensions are likely to remain high, further drawing out an uncomfortable time for our country. 

Yet, rest assured that regardless of what happens Nov. 3 or thereafter, our College community is resilient. And, no matter who is elected, we will find a way to move forward and continue to support one another. 

To that end, students are encouraged to join the "Real Talk About the Election" workshop hosted by the Office of Counseling and Accessibility Services via Zoom on Fri. Nov. 6 at 11 am. Additionally, all faculty, staff, and students are invited to visit and contribute to our virtual Election 2020 Reflection Wall. (Please refer to your LIM email for links.)

Elizabeth S. Marcuse