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Wearable Technology that Saves the Planet: Sept. 30

Fashion x Technology: Wearable Technology That Saves the Planet

Wearable technology is a hot topic. Business decision-makers face many questions as they explore the benefits of this emerging area: How does it work? What is the consumer experience? What are the benefits to the businesses that use it?

At this event, Colin Touhey, CEO and co-founder of Pvilion, and a leader in the wearable technology space, will address trends and market responses to a broad range of key issues including:

  • fashion production
  • technology innovation
  • supply chain management
  • market adoption curves

Pvilion, which designs and manufactures solar-powered fabric, is an innovative technology design firm dedicated to integrating solar panels with fabrics. Pvilion has worked with prominent organizations including Tommy Hilfiger, Google, the US Army and NASA. The firm is renowned for its successful development of self-powered clothing, tents, fabrics, and other flexible materials.

Colin Touhey is an electrical engineer specializing in renewable energy technology. He has worked in wind, solar, and ocean energy, receiving grants from NASA and NYSERDA, among others. Colin is certified by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) as a solar installer.

Date: Sept. 30
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: FashionOpolis (in the LIM College Townhouse)

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