A Pledge of Shared Responsibility

This letter was sent by President Elizabeth S. Marcuse to all students, faculty, and staff on September 8, 2020.


Dear LIM Students, Faculty and Staff,

Welcome home to LIM College! As the Fall 2020 semester gets underway, please join me in a pledge to support the health, safety and well-being of the LIM College community, your families, neighbors, friends, New York City and our country. We do this by carefully adhering to the safety protocols that have been put in place to protect us all. We have worked so hard to quarantine and prevent the spread of COVID-19 over these past few months and none of us wants to do anything to jeopardize the good progress we have made. We must be even more vigilant than ever.

The amount of work, planning, expense and effort that has been invested to create a safe and compliant learning and working environment for each of us is awe-inspiring. As we read each day about colleges and universities across the country that are forced to pivot away from any type of in-person experiences due to the rapid outbreak of COVID-19 cases amongst the community, I hope you grow even more motivated to share the responsibility for your own health and the health of others by making the necessary adjustments to your daily routines.

This goes beyond disciplinary action or creating a “see something, say something” atmosphere among us to weed out the non-compliant. It’s bigger than that. It’s our responsibility. It’s our obligation to ourselves and each other. It’s our pledge for safety. And we at LIM College, all of you, are up to the challenge.

To stay safe, please join me in a pledge to:

  • Wear face coverings at all times, even when taking photos.
  • Physically distance. Whether dining outside, working out, or attending a protest — please do your best to ensure 6 feet/2 meters of spacing, no matter how many people are around. Please try to avoid situations where this isn’t possible, particularly over a prolonged period (just 15 minutes in such an unsafe situation can jeopardize your health and the health of others).
  • Even if you are out in public with just your roommate or classmate, continue to physically distance and wear masks.
  • Check out the many videos, like this one, that detail easy ways to stay safe.
  • Report honestly as you complete the Daily Health Assessment and if you believe you have been exposed to a COVID-19-positive person and take necessary required measures to prevent further spread, such as voluntary quarantine and follow-up with a physician.
  • Expect to be held accountable for observing LIM’s safety and health rules and any public health guidelines even if you are off-campus. Regardless of setting, regardless of the reason for the gathering, the College’s policies on mask-wearing and physical distancing remain in effect.

Let’s lead by example and commit to the safest possible return to campus and a healthy educational experience that each of us has worked so hard to achieve. You deserve this and together, we can make it our COVID-19 reality.

With wishes for a healthy and productive semester,

Elizabeth S. Marcuse, President