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April 2015

What would you do if you were bitten by a scorpion or a black widow spider; what if a tornado was about to touchdown in your path; would you know what to do if there was a sudden earthquake; what if you were in Miami and you had to find the nearest emergency room? Don’t worry, there are app for that!

It is empowering to know how to response to emergency situations. Your knowledge about how to properly respond during emergencies could save your life and/or the lives of others. As important as this knowledge is, it is time consuming to research, study and master emergency response procedures. Retention of this information is also perishable so refresher training and follow on research is typically necessary.
This article contains information on several free applications that you can download on your phone that can help in the event of an emergency.


This is a really helpful app that allows you to quickly find hospitals, check symptoms, research medical conditions, learn about medications and, if enabled, track your health data. There are also quick links for calling police, poison control, suicide hotlines, domestic abuse lines and medical advice lines. A great feature is the ability to type in a medical issue and find descriptions, symptoms, tests, treatment, images, and videos.


Zoll Pocket CPR

This app gives instructions on how to provide CPR and includes a video training program. You can then use the app if giving CPR. You hold your phone in your hands when giving CPR compressions and the app measures the speed and depth of your compressions, providing a green light when being performed correctly.


American Red Cross First Aid App

This app is great for diagnosing and treating common injuries such as cuts, broken bones, seizures, heart attacks, and more. Each injury has treatment instructions, video instructions, frequently asked questions and quick knowledge tests.


Free American Red Cross Tornado and Earthquake Apps

These are good apps for preparing for and responding to tornados and earthquakes. There are quick links to weather sites, live weather videos, broadcasts and, of course, instructions for response. The tornado app will also send an alert if a tornado is approaching your area.

These are really elegant and easy to use apps that have incredibly powerful emergency response information and have the ability to save lives. They only take a minute or two to download and navigating through the apps is very intuitive. Go ahead and download them now! Tell your friends too!