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January 2015

During conditions of snow and ice in winter months, the likelihood of falling increases dramatically. Typical injuries from falls include fractured ankles, shoulders, and arms as well as head and back injuries. LIM College cares about your safety and we suggest the following precautions and actions.

10 Precautions



  1. Walk like a penguin. Walk flatfooted using slow and choppy steps keeping your center of gravity forward. Focus on where you are walking.
  2. Wear appropriate footwear. Rubber soles that are flat and waffled provide good traction. Avoid heals and leather soles.
  3. Step down from curbs. Don’t step out as your foot may slide and be careful transitioning from one type of surface to another.
  4. Keep your arms free. If you slip you can use your arms to help maintain balance.
  5. Carry only what you can. Use a fashionable backpack for books and your laptop!
  6. Avoid using cell phones while walking in icy conditions.
  7. Use handrails when going up and down stairs.
  8. Lookout for black ice. This is a thin layer of clear ice over a surface that is difficult to see.
  9. Avoid jogging outside if snow and ice are present.
  10. Watch out for cars. Avoid walking in the street and wear bright clothing to be visible.
  11. Wear hats and gloves that can help you protect yourself if you fall.
  12. Consider using traction accessories / spikes that fit over boots (see image).


What to do if you are going to fall:

  1. If you are falling forward, try to roll with the fall. Trying to brace yourself completely with your arms can result in shoulder or arm injuries. If you have something in your hands, drop it as you fall.
  2. If you are falling backward, try to land in a seated position. Staying loose helps prevent injuries. If you have something in your hands, drop it as you fall.
  3. If you feel like you are injured, call 911 and seek medical assistance.