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The Best Worst Day
at LIM College So Far

On a beautiful sunny day in June 2017, LIM College Safety and Emergency Response Building Team Members responded to over 60 emergency situations! There were over a dozen fires, multiple people were found unresponsive, several had severe lacerations and there were 12 separate active shooter events – all in one day! 

Every Minute Counts During an Emergency

It takes New York City First Responders less than 10 minutes to respond to serious emergencies at LIM College. To ensure that the most effective lifesaving actions are taken during those first 10 minutes, the College has established Building Safety and Emergency Response Teams. Teams are assigned to all four LIM College Buildings and at least one team member is assigned to each floor occupied by the College. These Teams consist of more than 40 volunteers from LIM College Faculty and Staff who receive special training, on an on-going basis, on how to immediately respond to emergencies affecting the College community.

The Gauntlet

In June 2017, the teams competed in the first annual Building Safety and Emergency Response Team Challenge. During the Challenge, Building Team Members were paired up and moved through a building, encountering various emergency scenarios in classrooms along the way. Teams were evaluated and scored based on thoroughness of response and time. Over a dozen teams encountered and responded to the following:

  1. Unresponsive person – performed CPR and utilized an AED
  2. Severe laceration – performed first aid and stopped the bleeding before transport to the hospital
  3. Fire – utilized a fire extinguisher properly
  4. Active shooter – sheltered-in-place (part of run-hide-fight)
  5. 10 Question Test – answered questions correctly as a team

During an after-actions review, prizes were handed out for best response to each situation based on highest score, best overall team, fastest overall team, and best building. The same team was both the fastest team and the team with the best overall combined score! Congratulations to Kristina Ortiz, Dean of Admissions, and Eve Proper, Associate Professor, Marketing, Management & Finance, on a great performance!

The Townhouse Team had the best combined score and received a trophy that will be prominently displayed in the “best” building for a full year. Similar to the Stanley Cup, the trophy will be presented to the best team each year!

For More Information

For more information about LIM College and The College Emergency Response Building Team Program.




"This was a great way to provide training. The scenarios were realistic and we really had to rely on the skills we learned over the past several years."  Team Member

"I feel that LIM College is really committed to our safety. I’m so happy that training like this is taking place."  LIM College Student Observer