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General Notice

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Building Evacuations

November 2015


LIM College operates out of four buildings in NY City.

The Townhouse                       12 E. 53rd Street

Maxwell Hall                         216 E. 45th Street

5th Avenue                               545 5th Avenue

1760 Residence Hall               1760 3rd Avenue

There are events that could require an evacuation of a building. These might include a fire, chemical release, power failure, or other emergency such as an active shooter. LIM College is well prepared for emergencies that could include building evacuations. In the rare event that an evacuation is required, it is important for you to know your role during the evacuation.

Your Role in Building Emergencies

  • Remain calm – take a deep breath and think about the emergency response training you have received. You are prepared!
  • Evaluate the situation – most likely an alarm will be sounding.  Gather your belongings together and prepare to evacuate. If the situation is imminent, begin evacuating immediately and leave your belongings behind.
  • Follow instructions – instructions will be given by a public address (PA) system in all buildings with the exception of the Townhouse. There is no PA system in the Townhouse.  You will need to evacuate the building when you hear the alarm.

Types of Evacuations

  • Shelter-in-Place – stay where you are or move to a safe location on your current floor
  • In-Building Relocation – move to another floor in the building
  • Partial Evacuation – part of the building is evacuated
  • Full Evacuation – the entire building is evacuated
  • Evacuation – close doors behind you to prevent the spread of smoke or fire. Remember that the elevators will not be functional during building alarms. Elevators will go to the lobby and the doors will open. You will be evacuating the building via the closest stairwell or as directed by Emergency Response Personnel.


Provide assistance to those who need help evacuating. If you, or someone else, cannot evacuate, stay in the stairwell (or just outside of the stairwell) and notify a LIM College Official that assistance is needed. The Fire Department will respond and provide evacuation assistance.


  • Remain with the group for accountability purposes – as you exit the building, you will be given instructions to walk to the designated mustering/gathering point. The mustering locations are as follows:
    • The Townhouse - Corner of 53rd and Park (Lever Brothers Building) – under overhang
    • Maxwell Hall - North side of Grand Central Station on 45th Street –  under overhang
    • 5th Avenue - West side of Grand Central Station on Vanderbilt – under overhang
    • 1760 Residence Hall - 96th Street between Lexington and 3rd at Monterey Public Gardens

Stay with the group and assist with accountability. Emergency Response Building Team Members from LIM College will be taking charge, gaining accountability, briefing you on the situation and providing instructions.

  • Communications – please refer all media questions to the LIM College Director of Communications. 



The 1760 Residence Hall Evacuation mustering point is to the Monterey Public Gardens on 96th Street between Lexington and 3rd Avenues.


The Townhouse evacuation is to the corner of 53rd and Park (Lever Brothers building) under the overhang.


There are three exits at 5th Ave (5th Ave, 44th Street & 45th Street) Go to the west side of Grand Central Station on Vanderbilt under the overhang.


The Maxwell Hall Muster Point is located on 45th Street on the north side of Grand Central Station under the overhang