Fashion Outside the Lines: CBD Beauty & Wellness Week

One of the movements with the most forward momentum in today’s beauty and wellness business is the use of CBD. To educate students on the career paths and possibilities for fashion business grads within the CBD space, LIM will host its first-ever “CBD Beauty & Wellness Week” March 2-4.

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Productivity Tips For Remote Learning

As the LIM College community adjusts to the online learning transition, one freshman recently blogged about some of the daily tips and activities that have helped her along the way. Her dos and don'ts cover everything from connecting with the people around her to important opportunities for self-care.

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Creative Projects While Stuck At Home

I was sad to leave New York, not only because I was leaving my favorite city, but also because I was leaving the creative work-driven atmosphere. While being at home, I was scared that I would not feel as creative and motivated as I normally feel in the city.

To stay creative, I decided to do a few projects and use my camera whenever I felt a drive to create something.