Writing Assistance

Find the right words

Our Academic Resource Center offers one-on-one tutoring and opportunities for you to publish your own work. We collaborate with all departments across the College to foster excellence in writing, reading, media literacy, research, design, and critical thinking. 


We are located in Maxwell Hall and offer tutoring both online and in-person. Peer tutors participate in a College Reading & Learning Association-certified training program and work with you at any stage of the writing process. Our sessions are interactive, meaning you and your tutor collaborate to address the highest-order concerns. In some cases, this may mean developing grammar skills, but it usually means seriously considering the focus, structure and academic or literary genre of an assignment. Our goal is for you to leave with a renewed sense of focus and direction. Your tutor will write a detailed session record, and if you choose, it can be sent to an advisor, a faculty member, or any other member of the college community.

In our online sessions, you chat in real time with tutors using webcams and shared documents. Be sure that you can provide your tutor with your assignment (if you have started) and any instructions provided by your professor. Also make sure to have a working webcam.

Bring a printed copy of your assignment (if you have started) and a printed copy of any instructions provided by your professor. Also bring relevant source material, including links to your online resources. (You can print your paper in the Academic Resource Center, but this may cut into your session time; if this is your plan, arrive early.)