Where will your interests lead you?

The global fashion and lifestyle industry offers a wide variety of options for your future, allowing you to combine your creative passions with business know-how to build an amazing career.

Career Pathways

With a degree in Consumer Analytics, you can pursue a career in a wide range of industries. Employers in many sectors, including fashion, beauty, retail, consumer goods, sports and more, need employees with data analysis skills.

Offering career pathways with the potential for rapid growth, Consumer Analytics is a field where you apply your technical skills to decipher and explain consumer trends and behavior and harness the power of big data to make business decisions.

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If you have a management degree, you can lead anything from a high-profile clothing brand to your own startup. Fashion management encompasses everything from human resources and strategic planning to sales and the supply chain.

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Fashion Marketing is about building consumers’ awareness of, and desire for, fashion and lifestyle products and services. 

Fashion Marketing majors can apply their knowledge in many different career areas, including branding, content marketing, social media marketing, market research, digital advertising, public relations, and more.

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Fashion Media professionals create and manage written, audio, and/or visual content that tells stories and can influence consumer behavior.

Fashion Media majors can pursue careers in a diverse array of settings, including at fashion brands, magazines, newspapers, websites, PR agencies, and entertainment companies -- doing everything from writing and journalism to layout design, video production, and social media content creation.

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Fashion Merchandising encompasses the entire life cycle of a fashion product or service.

With a Fashion Merchandising degree, you can tailor your career to your specific interests and abilities. Paths you can pursue include trend forecasting, product development, retail buying and planning, showroom management, styling, sustainability, and more.

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As fashion becomes more and more dependent on the global supply chain, advanced knowledge in this area is in increasing demand.

With a master's degree in Global Fashion Supply Chain Management, you can pursue a career in supply chain management and analytics, importing, distribution, sustainability, logistics, and more.

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With a degree in Visual Studies, you can pursue a career in a wide range of creative areas, including visual merchandising and display, set design and photo styling, art and creative direction, and more.

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The legal cannabis industry encompasses a broad spectrum of professional disciplines and roles, each offering unique opportunities and requiring different skill sets.

Career paths are available sales and marketing, branding, operations management, product development, regulatory compliance, retail management, supply chain and logistics and more.

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