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LIM is an industry collaborator, offering a wealth of great partnering opportunities. 

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LIM College is an eager industry collaborator, offering a wealth of great partnering opportunities.

As a college dedicated to the intersection of business and fashion, LIM students are focused, highly determined, and well prepared when they enter the job market. With a curriculum built on academic excellence and hands-on experiential learning, LIM students are excited to enter the industry and start contributing, whether it is in one of their required internship programs or a long-term career after graduation.

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Ways to Partner

Partner with LIM

LIM College would be happy to collaborate with you to create a customized arrangement tailored to address your specific needs. You can participate in the activities listed below, or contact us to discuss other opportunities.

  • Become a guest speaker in one of our special programs and master class
  • Sponsor a project-based learning opportunity
  • Conduct customized training and educational sessions for your employees on- or off-site
  • Co-sponsor industry-specific professional development events with us, such as workshops/seminars, speaker events, and conferences
  • Sponsor or co-host an episode or series on a podcast or webinar
  • Develop your employees’ skills through one of our flexible short courses
  • Become a sponsor or a guest speaker in one of our short term programs

Contact us for more information

Tara Truhan, MA
 Director of Corporate and University Partnerships
 (646) 218-4523

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