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As a college at the intersection of business and fashion with a curriculum centered on experiential learning, LIM prides itself on 80+ years of successful collaboration with industry partners in fashion and its related fields.

Our students are focused, determined, and well-prepared to enter the workplace. They're excited to be part of the industry and ready to hit the ground running, whether it is in one of their required internship programs, or in a career-launching position after graduation.

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Ways to Partner

Partner with LIM

LIM College would be happy to collaborate with you to create a customized arrangement tailored to address your specific needs. You can participate in the activities listed below, or contact us to discuss other opportunities.

  • Become a guest speaker in one of our special programs and master class
  • Sponsor a project-based learning opportunity
  • Conduct customized training and educational sessions for your employees on- or off-site
  • Co-sponsor industry-specific professional development events with us, such as workshops/seminars, speaker events, and conferences
  • Sponsor or co-host an episode or series on a podcast or webinar
  • Develop your employees’ skills through one of our flexible short courses
  • Become a sponsor or a guest speaker in one of our short term programs

Contact us for more information

Tara Truhan, MA
 Director of Corporate and University Partnerships
 (646) 218-4523
TaraBuckley02 [at]

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