LIM has created a Diversity, Equity, and inclusion (DEI) Strategic Plan that outlines priorities and guides our work to make the campus community a better place for students, faculty, and staff. It also outlines accountability and follow up measures critical to supporting continued progress.

The DEI Strategic Plan organizes initiatives into three pillars of action that encapsulate and characterize all proposed action and goals for our community. Those pillars are:

  • Learning
    • Prioritize learning as a lifelong practice and a critical pathway to living our values.
  • Advocacy
    • Empower community advocacy to create more just practices and opportunities.
  • Belonging
    • Foster a sense of belonging for all community members through proactive engagement.


Defining Our Values


Diversity refers to the range of human identities and experiences, including but not limited to race, ethnicity, social class, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, age, nationality, and generational status, and the way these facets of experience come together to strengthen and enrich a community. Diversity encompasses the full range of personal identity and experience, as well as intellectual and viewpoint diversity. These differences are to be celebrated, shared, and together make us stronger. ​


Equity demands systemic support for all individuals to create opportunities for achievement and success. Equity in action requires that steps be taken to support community members in a manner unique to their needs to enable their full, uninhibited participation in the campus community. ​


Inclusion pushes beyond the initial goals of access and calls for the embracing of each individual in community. It requires that deliberate steps are taken to encourage connection and foster a sense of belonging.