Honors Program

LIM College's Honors Program provides an enriched academic experience within a close-knit community of exceptional students and alumni. 

Honors students enjoy special benefits and privileges, positioning them to pursue some of fashion and lifestyle’s most competitive career paths.

Study Abroad Scholarship:* Every Honors student is given $5,000 to support a Study Abroad program of their choice. Current LIM College Study Abroad options include programs throughout Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America.

Industry Mentors: All Honors students are paired with an industry professional as a mentor to support them in setting and achieving their career goals.

Personalized Advising: LIM personnel provide mentorship and guidance, meeting with Honors students individually on a regular basis for academic and career advising.

Priority Registration: Honors students are allowed to register for their classes before registration formally opens to the rest of the student body.

Honors Courses: Honors students take one to three exclusive Honors classes each semester, learning from some of LIM’s most experienced faculty. These courses explore material in additional depth, further refining students’ critical-thinking, communications, and analytic skills.

Alumni Network: Honors alumni mentor current Honors students, providing valuable advice on academic matters and extracurricular and career-building activities. Alumni can also be important networking contacts for internship and job opportunities.

*This feature was first introduced for the class entering in Fall 2017.

When applying for positions with fashion's top companies, being an Honors student can be leveraged for a competitive edge. Below are just some of the companies where LIM's Honors Program students have begun their careers immediately upon graduating:

  • Elie Tahari
  • GAP
  • Interparfums
  • John Varvatos
  • Levi's
  • Macy's
  • Nylon
  • Ralph Lauren
  • Tiffany & Co.

LIM College Honors students regularly apply for and have often won merit-based scholarships from several fashion industry organizations, including:

  • National Retail Federation Foundation
  • Fashion Scholarship Fund
  • The Underfashion Club
  • Licensing International

Every student in our Honors Program is also given $5,000 to support a Study Abroad program of their choice. Current LIM College Study Abroad options are offered at locations in Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America. 

New/Incoming Honors Students 

  • The LIM Honors Program is open to incoming first-year students, by invitation only, upon review of the student's LIM College admissions application. 
    • The LIM Honors Program is currently available for in-person, main campus division students. 
  • GPA: A 3.5 (90) unweighted, cumulative GPA is required for eligibility review. 
  • Additional considerations include: 
    • High school curriculum, rigor, honors courses and individual course grades  
    • Quality and content of admissions application essay 
    • Math and English course sequence and grades 
  • If all of the above meets Honors Program standards, the student will be notified and selected to interview. 
    • The interview does not guarantee a spot in the Honors Program.
    • Students will be notified of a decision via email within one week of completing their interview. 
  • If a student has not been contacted for a Honors Program interview, but would like to be considered for the program, they should discuss their options for review with their assigned Admissions Counselor. 
  • Honors Program candidates are reviewed and invited to interview on an ongoing basis. However, students are encouraged to complete their admissions application in a timely manner, as the following deadlines are in place in order to be guaranteed consideration for the Honors Program: 
    • For students beginning in a Fall semester: February 15 


Current/Continuing Honors Students 

  • To remain in the Honors Program, students must maintain a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. 
  • To earn Honors credits, students must earn at least a "B" in Honors courses. 
  • To graduate as a Honors student, students must complete a minimum of 21 Honors credits with a “B” or higher in each Honors course that counts towards the 21 credits. Honors courses with a grade lower than “B” do not count towards the 21 Honors credits required.