Medical Withdrawal Policy

A medical withdrawal leave is granted to a student whose physical or mental/psychological health prevents successful study and must be taken for at least one semester, but no longer than five years, following the semester of approved leave. 

To be granted a medical leave of absence, a student must first consult the Director of Counseling Services to discuss the request. Students on a medical leave must be actively engaged in a course of treatment that leads to recovery. Proof of treatment will be required prior to approval for the student to return to the College. 

An approved medical leave does not relieve the student of his/her financial responsibilities to LIM College. Students receiving financial aid are strongly advised to meet with Student Financial Services staff to discuss the financial implications of a medical withdrawal.

All requests for withdrawal require thorough and credible documentation, which includes:

  • A written request for a medical withdrawal, from the student, which outlines the medical condition, the ways the condition has interfered with the student’s ability to be successful and the steps taken or intended, for addressing the condition
  • A current letter, on letterhead paper, from a licensed M.D., D.O., Clinical Psychologist, Mental Health Counselor or Social Worker that includes:
  1. A detailed diagnosis of the medical condition, including the diagnosis code
  2. A statement indicating that it is medically necessary that the student withdraw from classes
  3. The specific date on which the student became medically unable to participate in school
  4. The anticipated duration of the medical condition (when the student will be able to return to his/her regular course of study)

If approved, the Director of Counseling Services determines the effective date based on the documentation provided by the healthcare provider, as well as the last date of class attendance.

Once a medical withdrawal/leave is approved by the Director of Counseling Services, the student must complete and sign the LIM College Withdrawal Form. This form can be obtained from the Office of the Registrar. The completed form must be submitted directly to the Registrar. A medical withdrawal is not effective until the form is submitted and processed by the Registrar.

Students taking a medical withdrawal/leave will be re-enrolled, upon their return, into the College at their last general academic standing, provided the leave lasts no more than five years. Any withdrawal/leave lasting longer than five years will require students to reapply and gain readmission to the College. Additionally, while a student is on medical leave, they are not permitted to take classes at other institutions, in hopes of transferring credit(s) back to LIM College, without prior approval from the Director of Counseling Services and the Office of Academic Affairs.