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General Notice

Update: All hybrid in-person classes will meet remotely until Feb. 16, 2021. For more COVID-19 and Campus Operating Updates, click here.


The LIM College Writing Center offers online tutoring as a convenient way for students to receive feedback on their assignments. 

How it Works

Online tutoring appointments are held in our scheduling system. Students schedule their own appointments, then log back in at the time they have chosen. They then click on their appointment and enter a chat interface where they post their paper and chat with a tutor in real time. 

How to Prepare

Be sure that you have a digital copy of your assignment (if you have started) as well as digital copy of the assignment instructions provided by your instructor. These can be uploaded or cut/pasted into the chat field.

What to Expect

Appointments begin on the hour and last for a maximum of 50 minutes. During that time the tutor and student also fill out a session record. Session records are brief records of your appointment that detail what material was covered, and they can be e-mailed to anyone—a professor or advisor, for example—at the student’s discretion.

Online appointments take place in a chat interface. The student can upload his or her assignment, and the tutor and student can both make notes on the assignment while also chatting in a chat field to the right of the screen. Online appointments are interactive—the student and the tutor engage in a dialogue about the assignment—so the tutor only stays in the chat room as long as the student stays in the chat room.

Please note: simply pasting your assignment in the field and then exiting the appointment is not permitted. Likewise, students are not permitted to hold these sessions on their smartphones, because the functionality of the system is compromised. Online appointments are to be completed while both the student and the tutor are sitting at computers in real time.

As with face-to-face appointments, we are here to help at any phase of the writing process, and our sessions are interactive, meaning the student and the tutor work together to address whatever the highest-order concerns are in a given assignment. In some cases, this may mean perfecting language and grammar, but it usually means seriously considering the focus and structure of an assignment. This includes discussing the central argument or thesis, determining if adequate research has been performed, and developing a plan for the best possible structure for individual paragraphs and the assignment at large.

Our goal is for the student to leave the session with a renewed sense of focus and direction for a given assignment. In most cases, there is only adequate time in a session to work on one assignment. However, no assignment is needed to make an appointment with the Writing Center; students can work on any writing project or even just generally brush up their skills and knowledge of English grammar.