2023 "Rebirth and Revolution" Florence Study Abroad Program 

Writing this on my flight home, I can say confidently that LIM’s "Rebirth and Revolution" Florence program has changed my life for the better in three short weeks. 


Florence from a mountain view

This Study Abroad program is a great opportunity for students. I’d never traveled outside the country before, and never imagined I’d be able to anytime soon—until LIM seamlessly provided me with the resources and tools to do so. Since getting accepted to participate in the program, the whole experience has been just magical. From touring centuries-old famous art by iconic Italian renaissance artists such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Giorgio Vasari, Caravaggio, and more, to taking fun workshops that give hands-on experience, we all got a full firsthand perspective on art history. 

Art in Florence

David Statue

Workshops such as paper marbling and making leather wallets gave me and my fellow students useful insights and knowledge about authentic production. 

Female Fashion and Identity

Dresses on wall

I personally gained deep appreciation for the artistic influences that have shaped Italian fashion, as well as its characteristic craftsmanship and attention to detail. Additionally, I understand the importance of fashion in Italy and how it intersects with other aspects of Italian society! 

Florence Outside

Ryleigh with friends