Ludlow Exterior


5 Hangout / Study Spots Near the Ludlow

Ludlow Exterior

Many LIM College students will be living in the Ludlow residence this fall. Perhaps you’re one of them!

The Ludlow is located on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, where there’s no limit of activity. Luckily for LIM students, there’s plenty of great study spots nearby if you need a break from your desk. And if you have finished all your work, these spots are also perfect for just hanging out with friends.

1. Tompkins Square Park

Less than a 15-minute walk away, head over to Tompkins Square Park to study with friends, have a little picnic, or just enjoy a beautiful day! Tompkins Square Park is also surrounded by many great restaurants, perfect if you need a quick bite between study sessions.

2. Pier 35

Take a bit of a longer walk down to Pier 35 along the East River, and you won’t regret it! If you need a break from staring at tall buildings, this is the perfect spot to be able to gaze along the water and get picturesque views of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges.

Pier 35

3. Washington Square Park

Who doesn’t love walking through the Village? Head on over to Washington Square, where you can enjoy eating on a bench with friends, playing chess, or just people-watching.

Washington Square Park

4. Seward Park

From the Ludlow, this is pretty much a straight shot down along Essex St., only about a 10-minute walk. This park includes sports courts and a splash area, great for hot-weather socializing.

5. SoHo

Need a break from all the studying and looking for more to do than parks can offer? Head to SoHo! (The name stands for “South of Houston”—not a lot of newcomers know that … but now you do!) It’s a beautiful and famous commercial neighborhood, perfect for a nice day of window shopping or treating yourself after a long week. You don’t even need to take a bus or subway to get there.