Best Cheap Places to Buy Groceries in NYC

In New York City, many things are overpriced, and good deals are hard to find. 


I was raised to look for the best deal, so I always searched for the best prices. I learned Dollar Stores are more expensive than most places and are a rip-off. I also learned it is fine to shop at a few stores so that you can get the best deal. Here are some great places to buy cheap groceries. 

1. Trader Joe’s 

Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s is great for bulk buys and the prices are low. A banana is about 19 cents and they have great quality products. You can also sample the food. Also, you can return food without question. Though there are no sales or coupons, and also that Trader Joe’s is not a one-stop-shop place for everything, it’s still great for high-quality, inexpensive items. 

2. Aldi 


Aldi is also great for bulk buys. It is owned by the same company as Trader Joes so the prices and store functions are very similar. They have mostly their personal brands for sale. They do not accept coupons, but there is no need for them due to the low prices. They have low prices for organic fruits and vegetables and can find specialty products easily. 

3. China Town – Hong Kong Supermarket

China Town has some of the cheapest groceries. The top place in the Hong Kong Supermarket. It is a busy Asian grocery store that sells imported dry goods alongside fresh meat, seafood & produce. China Town also has countless street markets that are worth looking into and buying fresh seafood and other goods from.

4. CTown


CTown is a chain of grocery stores all over the city. It is where I usually grocery shop. I find the prices good for the city and I can find most things that I need and want. It also is rarely super busy. Also, due to being located all over the city, it is easy to find one in your area.

Overall, there are countless grocery stores in the city. I would say the best way to find the cheapest and best spots in your area is just to try them. Another way to save money is by buying based on what is on sale or in bulk.

I hope you find a cheap grocery near you!