Commuting Tips For Students

Commuting to and from school can sometimes be rough. There are ways to make commuting daily to the city enjoyable. Most students commute by train, subway or car and the average commute can be anywhere from an hour to three hours. Long train or car rides can get very repetitive and annoying, but I have some tips to make your trips more entertaining.

Train in station



1. Make sure to pack snacks, tissues, and hand sanitizer

Packing a lunch and snacks for if you get hungry on your commute is a must. It is not fun being stuck in a car or on a train and getting hungry. I suggest always carrying in your bag protein bars or small easy snacks to munch on. Packing tissues and hand sanitizer is a must when using public transportation. I also recommend carrying around a small pack of wet wipes for wiping down surfaces you might be leaning on or sitting on.

2. Bring entertainment with you

There are many ways we can use our phones to make the ride fly by. I recommend catching up on Netflix, watching youtube, or downloading fun games to play on your phone. This will make time fly by.

3. Be productive

Besides playing games or watching videos, you can definitely utilize this time for homework, reading, planning out your week, and checking emails. Carrying your laptop might be too heavy, but google docs has an app that you could download on your phone and even use without wifi.

4. Listen to music and relax

My favorite way to enjoy my train ride home is to relax from the busy long day by listening to music and just enjoying some me time. It is essential after a hard day to decompress, and I find myself normally using this time to relax.

Commuting can be stressful but reminding yourself why you are commuting and what the outcome will be is a great way to stay on a positive path and enjoy traveling a little more than others to class.