Emme smiling on camera


A Conversation with Emme: A Role Model and Mentor We All Need

Emme smiling on camera

In the weeks approaching LIM’s 82nd Commencement ceremony, Keynote Speaker Emme took the time to speak with the Class of 2021.

Wearing the hats of supermodel, media personality, author, mom, and much more, Emme’s experience and advice was extremely enlightening to hear, as we soon-to-be graduates prepare to take on the world. In an intimate (virtual) setting, Emme’s conversation with my fellow LIM seniors and I was nothing short of inspiring.

I had the honor of previously co-hosting a Women’s History Month panel with Emme in 2020. The expertise, candidness, and warmth she showed then was present here as well, when expressing interest in our Senior Co-ops and careers, sharing anecdotes and advice, and creating a meaningful dialogue with us.

Each student shared a mini bio to let Emme into our educational and professional lives. When I said my Co-op was in a field I never thought I’d work in, Emme assured the group that our paths will indeed be winding. Although there won’t be straight lines to our dream careers, the journey will be beautiful. And she would know.

Emme has had a very full and versatile life. She entered college with an athletic scholarship and received invites to Olympic trials, tackled a career in reporting, became a successful supermodel and body positivity advocate, and is now a life coach. I take this as proof of her point that we don’t need to have everything figured out right now. We’re allowed, and encouraged, to have vast interests.

Emme proclaimed that our lives in this moment are profound. She called us “tubes of abundance,” open, pliable, and ready to absorb everything. She also reassured us that employers are well aware there is a global pandemic going on and that those now entering the workforce may not have much experience in their fields. But, she said there is so much more that is important and impressive, and that showing off our personalities can make us shine. Emme advocated for being kind and compassionate while also bold and courageous.

Emme Zoom

The tips for success kept rolling, as Emme could see both our interests and anxieties. For those who crave experience and connection but are introverts, Emme suggested joining virtual groups, specifically for women in the workforce—we were a predominantly female group—or ones that align with our hobbies.

Emme created a comfortable and trusting environment that invited students to be vulnerable and connect on a deeper level. We were able to voice the insecurities and hopes we have in entering the workforce, and empathize with those shared by our classmates. We reflected on our proudest college memories, and Emme expressed her admiration for LIM’s close-knit community. I have to admit that by the end of our group discussion, I was quietly wiping tears from my eyes.

Emme’s expertise and sincerity was so refreshing. Her own impressive career and her optimism for the future careers of LIM’s graduates are encouraging. I believe I can speak on behalf of my fellow peers in saying we are truly appreciative of everything Emme shared with us and are looking forward to her Commencement speech!