The Coterie Spring Women's Trade Show

I attended the COTERIE women’s trade show, which was held at the Javits Center in New York City on February 28th. 


A wide variety of womenswear brands and companies participated in the show. All booths were creatively set up according to the vibe of the company. Most booths had a spring feel to them, vibrant colors, luxurious fabrics, accompanied by visuals such as flowers, plants, rugs. They presented merchandise ranging from apparel to handbags and more.

My favorite booth was the Alice & Olivia booth, it was the first booth I saw that caught my attention. The visual setup was beautiful, colorful, empowering and fun. The collection was in a library setting with mannequins dressed in Alice and Olivia’s Spring collection, while standing next to huge books covered in glitter plastered with quotes like “Knowledge is power” and “Empower women.” The line was very fun and played with sequin and fur.

PatBo was another booth that caught my eye. The visual setup for this booth was breathtaking and very well done; it had a tropical and exotic vibe. The booth was covered with green plants, pink roses and had a wool rug, while the apparel were on clothing racks and placed around the booth. The color palette for the collection included black, maroon, grey, brown, baby blue and beige.

I had limited time to spend at the show to see every booth in every section, but the booths I saw were beautiful and inspiring. I witnessed how companies take current trends in fabrics, colors, and silhouette and interpret them in ways that fit their brand, also how buyers choose what merchandise they purchase for their stores. I believe the trends seen at the COTERIE women’s trade show this spring will trickle down to Fall 2018.

It was an overall great show and I learned a lot.