John Keane


Course Faculty Spotlight: John Keane, Fashion Marketing

John Keane

John Keane is a faculty member in the LIM College Center for Graduate Studies. He also has more than three decades of experience at major media companies that include Time Inc., Conde Nast, and Bloomberg.

Professor Keane has taught everything from marketing strategy and brand management to advertising/promotion and global marketing--to both undergrads and graduate students. He now teaches full-time in LIM’s master’s degree program in Fashion Marketing. We asked him to give us a sense of his classroom style and what students will learn in this fashion-focused graduate degree program.

Courses I teach:
I’ve taught a range of courses in marketing, strategy, brand management, public relations, new media, advertising/promotion and global marketing. This spring I’m teaching courses in fashion marketing management, fashion public relations, global marketing in fashion and new media management.

How I got into this field: 
I worked in the “corporate world” for major media companies such as Time Inc. and Conde Nast for over 30 years. In my capacity as a marketing executive at a number of consumer brands, I was often a guest speaker at schools such as NYU, CUNY/Baruch, Fordham and FIT. I always enjoyed the experience and thought that I might like to someday actually teach full semester courses. I taught my first full course at LIM College in 2013. I fell in love with teaching—and with LIM.

The Fashion Marketing master’s degree curriculum:
The curriculum provides a foundation of knowledge in many aspects of fashion marketing, including: fashion marketing management, consumer insights, cause marketing, global marketing strategy, luxury brands, new media in fashion, and fashion public relations. This program can be completed face-to-face or fully online.

What students will learn in my courses: 
Depending on the specifics of the course, students will learn a range of marketing and brand management principles through a fashion lens. Emphasis on global markets and the impact of “new media” digital and social platforms are key elements of class content.

The kind of work my students do:
Students do a range of work, including case studies, weekly industry news analysis, semester-long projects such as the development of strategic marketing plans and interactive class activities designed to stimulate discussion and the sharing of ideas. 

Career options for graduates of LIM’s master’s degree program in Fashion Marketing:
Graduates of the master’s degree program in Fashion Marketing will be prepared for marketing-focused careers within the fashion industry. This can include careers in advertising, PR, fashion media, brand management, product management, e-commerce and digital marketing, to name a few.

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