Entrepreneurship Advice from a Panel of Industry Experts

LIM College's Transfer Student Organization (TSO) presented an interactive Q&A session with expert panelists, allowing students to gain insight and learn more about the process of becoming a successful entrepreneur within the fashion industry.


My name is Charenelle Thompson, and I am the Transfer Student Experience Coordinator here at LIM College.

As a transfer student, I can empathize with how hard the process can be, going from one institution to another. It takes time to understand the new curriculum, to familiarize yourself with the faculty, to navigate the campus, and to fully integrate into the new community. That’s where the Transfer Student Organization comes in! The main mission of the TSO is to provide incoming transfers with access to dedicated support systems to assist with their transition, offer opportunities to network with faculty, and invite them to exclusive events.

To kick off the 2019-2020 academic year, I thought it would be a good idea to couple the connectivity aspect of my new position with my passion for entrepreneurship. This is where the idea to host the first TSO Entrepreneurship Panel came from.

The purpose of this event was to give students who are interested in starting their own businesses access to successful business owners who could offer valuable information and resources. After reaching out to a myriad of CEOs, I was able to secure four amazing panelists who operate within different sectors of the fashion industry:

Jon Harari, CEO and co-founder of WindowsWear

- Annicia “Friday” Lynton, the creator of FBF Metal Atelier and the Fashion with Friday Academy

- Business Advisor, Evelyn Carrasco from the Small Business Development Center at LaGuardia Community College

- Celebrity Stylist and LIM Fashion Show hostDennis Kenney


On October 23, our esteemed panelists and an audience of eager LIM College students gathered in Maxwell Hall for two hours of priceless advice, first-hand accounts of entrepreneurial triumphs and struggles, followed by an hour of one-on-one networking.

As host for the evening, I opened the event with a game: “As a college student, did you ever…?” where panelists would confess or deny whether they had been guilty of some of the behaviors that have plagued young academics for generations. They admitted to falling victim to things like procrastination, overspending, and social faux pas.

After that, each speaker elaborated on how they built their companies from the ground up and gave great advice on how students can begin to prepare themselves for success using their LIM education and experience.

The recurring theme was persistence. It takes time and dedication to create something worthwhile, and that includes a successful business. The panelists agreed that LIM College was one of the best places to begin our journey towards entrepreneurship. They gave us advice on creating lasting impressions during our internships, ways to turn our passions into lucrative ventures, and mistakes to avoid as new business owners.

Students were super excited to network with our guests and to also get feedback on their own business ideas. As we dined, students clustered around the guests to ask insightful questions, collecting business cards and exchanging information long after the panel discussion had come to an end.

Overall, this was a successful event that students can look forward to in upcoming semesters. TSO will continue to create more events and opportunities for transfer students to connect with peers and major players in the industry. We hope to see everyone there!