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Fashion by the Numbers: 5 Hot Jobs for Data Storytellers

Data Science

To land an exciting position in one of fashion’s hottest emerging fields, a fashion-focused data science degree is a highly valuable asset.

More and more, top companies seek to use information collected from tens of millions of fashion customers—style preferences, how they shop, which designers they Tweet about—to create new product lines, build efficient supply chains, and form successful strategies for their brands.

LIM’s Master of Science degree program in Consumer Analytics is designed to match fashion’s growing emphasis on "numbers science" and big data analysis. In one of the world’s most consumer-driven industries, here are five key positions companies need “data storytellers” to fill:

Data Scientist
With the expansion of the data analytics field, this is a broad in-house role that many companies are creating. Brands seek employees with analytics backgrounds to look at vast data systems and report on everything from why certain regions perform best to what new products are likely to sell. To teach you how to be a data storyteller, LIM’s master’s degree in Consumer Analytics offers a range of relevant courses, such as Data Visualization & Graphics, Consumer Journey Mapping, Information Management, and Multi-Variant Statistical Analysis.

Trend Analyst
A trend analyst studies information that relates to their company’s sales and marketing efforts. What is selling? At what pace? What isn’t? Which marketing efforts are gaining traction? Which are falling flat? LIM’s advanced degree in Consumer Analytics is designed to teach you how to look at big-picture marketing results, query datasets for answers, and understand how the data ties into marketing initiatives, all with an eye toward driving future efforts.

Supply Chain Expert
From solving transportation issues to tracking special handling requests, Consumer Analytics plays a major role in establishing smart supply chains. Top apparel and accessory brands seek employees who can monitor, maintain, and, when necessary, improve the flow of product to and from factories, distribution centers, and stores. A big-data expert can be a great asset in researching order histories, looking at logistics figures, and identifying patterns that impact efficiency.

Business Analyst
The person in this type of position looks for areas of the business that need improvement, often liaising with executives, supply chain members, and more to collect and validate data. In addition to the foundational analytics skills needed for this role, coursework in LIM’s Consumer Analytics program teaches you effective methods for communicating findings “up the chain” and working with large teams.

Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) Specialist
The individual in this role analyzes and evaluates the performance of a company’s various forms of digital customer outreach. It often involves tracking and consolidating data from multiple web analytics sources and optimizing the brand’s email or social media campaigns. LIM’s master’s program in Consumer Analytics prepares students to pursue such positions via courses that include Advanced Marketing Metrics, Customer Relationship Management, and Data Mining and Analytics.